Rise in Waiting Times in A&E and GP Land

A&E Waiting room1

A&E closures and waiting times in the news again. People who are unwell should absolutely be treated appropriately and on time and we need to ensure that we have adequate services for our population.

However rather than constantly trying to blame GPs, A&E doctors, nurses and paramedics about the situation patients should also take some responsibility about their health and we could drastically cut A&E + GP consultations and therefore waiting times.

– Alcohol related attendances account for a high proportion of consultations. Walk into any A&E department to see this first hand. Many are just so inebriated that they waste a bed sleeping it off.
– Smoking
– Drug misuse
– Lack of Exercise
– Inadequate diet
– Going to A&E to try to queue jump for non emergency illnesses that the GP is managing but the patient doesn’t want to wait a few weeks for the scan.

The government doesn’t bring up this issue because it is not a vote winner and it is easier to blame the hardworking healthcare workers (which does seem to be a vote winner by making them scapegoats). Our government needs to address this issue which they are afraid to tackle

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