Keep NHS Morale Up

Rather than Doctor and NHS bashing 365 days a year why not have an amnesty and create “Bash a GP/Doctor/NHS day” for only one day of the year. Similar to...

jeremy hunt

Jeremy Hunt Fears Wait to See GP

Jeremy Hunts silly comments. And this is the Health Secretary. He feared the wait to see a GP so decided to take his children to A&E instead. 1. He “feared...


Nebuliser Machine – Buy Your Own!

Saw this nebuliser kit being sold by a supermarket a few weeks ago with a ‘free paediatric mask’ for £19.99! Quite a random thing to sell at a supermarket. What...

doctor shortage1

GP Shortage – Hollow Promises

Labour promise to see a GP within 48 hours and same day appointment for those who need it. However Patients who are really unwell and require to be seen on...


Perception of a GPs Day

The Daily Life of a GP as Imagined by the Tabloid Press. 0900 Wake up 0915 Have my butler serve me breakfast 10.00 Leave the house 10.05 Sit in my...

digging hole

Digging a Hole

How to ruin the Doctor – Patient relationship in one quick unedifying move with the statement: “What does your father think of this?” The Scenario – A middle aged woman...



Looking at a completed depression screen form yesterday I realised that I tick all the boxes for depression. I have a clinic shortly – that’ll soon improve my mood!