Keep NHS Morale Up


Rather than Doctor and NHS bashing 365 days a year why not have an amnesty and create “Bash a GP/Doctor/NHS day” for only one day of the year. Similar to the film “The Purge” – Without the violence obviously!

And for 364 days a year how about some positivity and positive articles about all the good we do? Because our morale is low and we need to keep our experienced practitioners.

How would people working for non NHS private organisations feel if they were told every day (mostly without justification) that they are doing a terrible job. For example if I went to my local supermarket every day using a megaphone to tell the checkout assistants they are useless, can’t do their job, arn’t interested in their customers, get paid too much, dont work long or hard enough what would happen? I imagine they would dread going into work and eventually leave.

So why is it acceptable to do the same with the constant barrage of anti-NHS sentiment? The picture below reflects what we see when we look all around us.

How about some positivity about the work we do?

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