Jeremy Hunt Fears Wait to See GP

jeremy hunt

Jeremy Hunts silly comments. And this is the Health Secretary. He feared the wait to see a GP so decided to take his children to A&E instead.

1. He “feared the wait to see a GP”? That is a poor excuse. There is GPOOH at the weekend and even if his regular GP was available to see him he wouldn’t have been seen straight away. If he didn’t need seen straight away he shouldn’t have been selfish and effectively queue jump by going to A&E

2. A&E is in crisis even before the Winter crisis, and he advocates to the public this behaviour is okay?

3. A&E is not a dumping ground and people with minor illnesses still have to wait to be seen

4. He ‘didn’t want to wait to see a GP’ even though it may have been appropriate – How arrogant.

5. If people don’t know what is an emergency having even a million more GPs will not solve this problem. And most people do know when they present to A&E inappropriately that it is wrong. And not forgetting NHS24 can give advice too and be triaged by GPOOH. But that is a convenient truth to forget when people ‘can’t wait’

6. The prime ministers spokesman said it is “perfectly understandable for people to go to A&E” and ” I’m not going to give advice to people”. Why not? You are the government and Jeremy Hunt is the health secretary. It is your job to educate the public and tell them when they are wrong!

This is a prime example of Jeremy Hunt and the government being part of the problem but rather than try to solve the issues again they blame GPs. Why can any government not have the confidence and conviction to tell the public when they are wrong, such as inappropriate A&E presentations, asking for urgent GP appointments when it is not urgent, influx of alcohol related problems in A&E? Because tackling these important issues is not a vote winner. It is easier to blame ‘the service we receive’.

Bit by bit the government (all politicians) is systematically and inappropriately turning the public opinion against hard working NHS professionals so they can dictate their terms on them. Please stop this and act like a government and sort out the issues.

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