GP Shortage – Hollow Promises

doctor shortage1

Labour promise to see a GP within 48 hours and same day appointment for those who need it.

However Patients who are really unwell and require to be seen on an emergency basis are already seen on the same day! It’s called triage!

Conservative promise to train 5000 more GPs by 2020 in addition to offering 7 day access. There is already a shortage of GPs and more pending with high numbers of retirement in the next decade. So 5000 won’t help the current situation never mind with 7 day access. And unless there is Harry Potter hiding in Downing Street where will the 5000 GPs come from bearing in mind there are only 8000 doctors finishing medical school each year who cover all specialities. And it takes 8-10 years minimum to train a GP.

Hollow posturing by the politicians to try to fool the general public

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