GP Myths Part 2 – My GP Doctor

Myths about your GP Doctor
My GP isn’t a specialist?

General practice is a speciality. Your GP is a generalist but it is a still a speciality.

My GP isn’t as intelligent as hospital doctors?

It takes at least 10-12 years to train a GP to practice independently. It is more than likely that your GP has more experience than the initial doctors you see when you visit hospital.

Surely all the intelligent doctors are in hospital?

True they have more in-depth knowledge about certain specific conditions. However GP Doctors are generalists who look at the holistic care with breadth of knowledge about most medical conditions.

My GP isn’t up to date? How is my GP up to date when he went to university over 20 years ago?

GP Doctors are required to stay up to date with current medical knowledge and have to provide evidence every year that they are doing so. They also attend medical courses and undertake self-learning to keep up to date. In addition we are well trained to access accurate information when required.

My GP only sees ‘minor’ things all day

In general practice we see a mix of medical conditions from self-limiting illnesses to more serious conditions.

Surely it can’t be that hard to be a GP? After all they just give out Antibiotics or Paracetamol all day?

It takes many years of intensive training and hard work to be a GP. We manage many patients with multiple serious medical conditions.

My GP is in it for himself. Surely he is getting rich?

Doctors are high achievers and being a GP is not a road to riches. There are plenty of other opportunities we could have taken if our sole aim was to become rich.

But he is rich?

No. We are not on the breadline but we are not owners of yachts, frequent visitors to the golf course or have stacks of money under floorboards like Walter White in Breaking Bad.

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