The Doctor Will See You Now


Read this misinformed article “The Doctor won’t see you now” then the comments below.

It is worrying when people in the public eye think like Victoria Coren Mitchell does about GPs’ in the Guardian today. Read the article then see my response below. Such a misinformed article. If people in the public eye are writing articles such as this then what chance does the wider population have of having a true understanding of healthcare.

1. How many times do we have to repeat ourselves – THERE IS a 7 day, 24 hour GP service. Use it if required.
2. The question of GP access makes you ‘miserable every day’? Does it really? A little dramatic perhaps for someone who doesn’t ‘go to the doctor much’
3. You were unhappy that a GP didn’t prescribe you the contraceptive pill being despite over 35 years old and a smoker. Firstly I have never seen ‘contraindication graphs for heart attacks’ in this situation. Secondly it isn’t due to a higher risk of heart attacks. Thirdly if you weren’t aware already, the risks in your situation outweigh the benefits of taking the contraceptive pill with serious risk of harm.
4. You may think that you understand the risks but the doctor will ultimately be responsible for prescribing inappropriately. The doctor will never be absolved of complete responsibility of prescribing. Why not prescribe Thalidomide for nausea in pregnancy ‘because a patient understands the risks’? Or continue prescribing immunosuppressant therapy for patients who do not wish routine monitoring? In fact according to your logic why not prescribe medications to end someone life because they ask?
5. Maybe if you paid more attention to how NHS services operate you would know how to access a GP at weekends and nights rather than making a ridiculous comment that ‘it’s not the 1980s anymore’.
6. “Me, I’m a libertarian about drugs. Contraceptives, Valium, recreational marijuana, I think informed adults should be able to take what they like – unless, as with antibiotics, they might actually damage the species along with themselves”. This kind of comment shows that you are not informed as you think you are and show a lack of understanding of the issues.
7. “And laughter is not just the best medicine, it might be the only kind you can get”. I would have thought you would have more sense than make silly comments such as that.

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