Digging a Hole

digging hole

How to ruin the Doctor – Patient relationship in one quick unedifying move with the statement:

“What does your father think of this?”

The Scenario -

A middle aged woman attends to see myself with symptoms of anxiety and chest pain. Things are going really well in the consultation and near the end I notice that the elderly man who accompanied the patient has not said much during the last 10 minutes. So I decide its such a good day that I would make some small talk and involve ‘this other gentleman’ with the statement

“So what does your father think of what has happened to you over the last month?”.

The patient quickly retorted “That’s my husband!!”

Cue awkward silence….. and me desperately trying to reply with something witty to remove the chill that had been created in the room. Why in these circumstance does the human brain shut down and the only thoughts going through my mind were “You ******” instead of thinking of a fabulous response to get me out of jail.

The reply “So he is your husband,… I see” was not the best response. I guess I wont be seeing them again

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